We are AND. We are a design office that creates and delivers highly crafted works via personalised services to each of our clients.

We provide a creative, proactive, approachable and trusted partner to your unique project.


As our name suggests we specialise in Architecture & Design, and we work across the world for private and commercial clients.


Our title also reflects that small but essential bridging word that marries together all the ingredients required in a successful design scheme.

We specialise in: architecture  | interiors  |  furniture  |  branding


We believe wholeheartedly – the holistic interaction of these different design disciplines is constantly informing our works, and in doing so

produces more rigorous and beautiful end products for ourselves, and more importantly, for our clients.


We celebrate this approach of maximum diversity in our portfolio.

Willingly, we seek to design all manner of buildings, spaces, objects and brands . . . . examples include:


  • highly bespoke private homes
  • exciting new shopping malls
  • finely detailed furniture pieces
  • new brand identities
  • modern luxury retail experiences


This wide range of work pushes us forward and throws up wonderful opportunities and relationships across many sectors.


AND.GB Limited is a our registered practice name with the RIBA in the UK (Royal Institute of British Architects).